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June 3, 2017

It's June already? Time is flying by...

Well, the SOTC brain of this website has been updated to simplify it further, as to accommodate Amazon's new 'Amazon Pay' button. Turns out it doesn't work well with frames. Even so, the design challenge has been met (once again), and it has to be said that while the content is dated (still), the results of the recoding have lent to excellent results, giving a fresh look to the collective of content.
Check it out here: Skies Over Tomorrow: Constellation.

In other news, given the amount of time that has elapsed between this post and the last, please know that CS7 has made several posts of its activities and going ons on its Facebook page.
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and get caught up on excerpts from Dream Synthesis (which is up to chapter 5 now). See you on FB!

January 29, 2017

It's official. Dream Synthesis is the title of the CS7's current project, the follow up book to the anthology, Skies Over Tomorrow: Constellation.

Of course as a follow up, the question is: should the phrase "Skies Over Tomorrow" be incorporated as to make a series? (i.e. Skies Over Tomorrow: Dream Synthesis, or just Dream Synthesis?)

January 22, 2017

Skies Over Tomorrow: Constellation received what has to be considered a neutral review on Goodreads (given the context of the entire review); however, a response to the criticism\observation of the cover art is warranted.

What was said: "I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but the hand drawn art wasn't appealing and the scantily clad girl on the back with a giant robot would have feminist screaming."

Fair enough.

The cover art is actually mixed media, with hand drawn illustrations of characters and tech from the anthology, which are presented as a constellation in the night sky of Mars. The fore and backgrounds are from a NASA photograph of a sunset on the planet. The photograph was altered to replace the sun with Earth and enhance its contrasts and color. So, in totality, the cover art is an art piece—front to back. Ironically, as the door of feminism has been opened about the scantily clad "girl", let it be clarified that she is a WOMAN, and a married one at that.

She is Hoku Ellison, wife of Felix Ilom as presented in The Mars Conspiracy in SOTC. This couple was created to showcase some social aspects of the future, fictional society. Hoku has gone through a couple of iterations since the original publication. In fact, of all the characters in SOTC and for a supporting character, she has evolved the most. Granted, she was created to have an enigmatic side, which left her character traits open-ended by design.

Still, the artistic choice was to present her as scantily clad, because 1) she is scantily clad (i.e. semi nude) in the story; 2) the way she is presented best offsets or contrasts the technology and gear of other representations on cover; 3) she balances the back (left side) with the front given the curves of the xenomech on the front (right side), with the piece servicing as a book cover; and 4) the obvious reason is to attract attention to the book.

Of course, if it were really about the very later (sexism), the initial idea of a sexy nurse (which also in the story) would have been left in place for the cover. Wonder which the feminists would scream the loudest about? That said, there can be no apologies for the artistic decision of how Hoku is presented on the cover.

January 22, 2017

The synopsis of Skies Over Tomorrow: Constellation reads in part:

There is a point when a civilization reaches its height and begins to decline. For those able to recognize this moment, one of two things occurs: an urgent sense to save traditions, or an open mind to embrace change. Since its humble beginning, the Galactic Federation of Mars has overcome challenges that made its future uncertain, but after nearly three centuries of growth, the Red Planet is at the onset of collapse, with new adversities threatening to vanquish it all together.

Its rise or fall—in its latest period of hardship—depends on those who will see the Martian regime hold fast to established ways, and those who will have it crumble...for the better.

Given current events, does this not resonate with you?