The overall goal of Chaos Studio Seven is to contribute to the literacy and social consciousness of individuals and society,
for the betterment of humanity. It shall achieve this objective in two ways:

1) Through stories, in either a literary or visual format, or some combination of the two; and

2) By providing literary\writing services to businesses, independent authors, and individuals  
that want to create a better world.

Ultimately, CS7 shall contribute to (i.e. collaborate on) an impactful project which may help it meet its intentions.

The focus of CS7's works is (and will always be) that of humanity and certain aspects of human nature. Such as morality, arrogance, greed, free will (or the notion of), and how these traits influence or inspire life, death, love, and hate.

As Chaos Studio Seven establishes itself, all forms by which to tell stories shall be pursued, to which its ability to reshape "life imitating art" shall expand to provide an expounded view of the world—a view considered to mirror both the beauty and ugliness of nature—in which the stories fulfill the intentions of provoking, inspiring, and motivating a reader or viewer to achieve a higher consciousness, as to contribute to making the world a better place—if not for all, then for those within their realm.