cha|os (kā’äs´) n. (1 the disorder of formless matter and infinite space, supposed to have existed before the ordered universe 2 extreme confusion or disorder 3 [Archaic] an abyss; chasm 4 Math. a pattern or state of order existing within apparent disorder, as in the irregularities of a coastline or a snowflake)

studi|o (stōō’dē ō’, styōō’-) n., pl. -di|os’ (1 a room or rooms where an artist, photographer, or musician works 2 a room or rooms where dancing lessons, music lessons, etc. are given 3 a) a business establishment engaged in producing and, usually, distributing films b) a physical facilty, as one belonging to such an establishment, where films are made 4 a room or rooms where radio or television programs are produced or where recordings are made 5 a small apartment with one main room)

sev|en (sev’эn) adj. (totaling one more than six) n. (1 the cardinal number between six and eight; 7; VII 2 any group of seven people or things 3 something numbered seven or having seven units, as a playing card, throw of dice, etc.)

To paraphrase the meaning of Chaos Studio Seven: it begins as a vague, frenzied notion. Through brainstorming, it is labored into a tangible existence, into a form, a medium. It is an idea—one's imagination—expressed as a story, a picture, a dance. It is art derived from chaos.
When the question what does the idea want to be is answered, it comes to exist as a connotation of natural perfection, as implied by the Creation, by which the earth and its creatures—including man—were made in "seven days". It is about refinement, to which the significance, purpose, and revelation of the idea come about from having pondered it. Thus, enhancing one's life.